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Rotary Piston Pump
Up to 100 GPM - Series 100

Rotary Piston Pumps Up to 100 GPM - Series 100

Its variable control automatically permits a variable delivery from zero to maximum in flow rate at a constant pressure on a constant speed motor. Some of its outstanding advantages are: 1) bypassing is eliminated, 2) heat generation is eliminated in most applications, 3) vapor loss reduced when handling volatile liquids, 4) excessive pressure is eliminated, and 5) constant minimum pressure is maintained. Whether it is 400°F/205°C hot asphalt, resins, edible oils, lubricants, liquid sugar and/or other applications that do not require fully sanitary pumps. List / Compare | Quick Quote

The foremost feature of the "X-Head" models, the valve-in-head bypasses flow entirely within the pump, linking suction and discharge ports directly, through a special large passage, isolated from the pumping members and permitting a full flow of the pumpage. Its simple design allows the rotation to be changed without additional parts. For additional details see description under Model 20DX.
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This simple transfer model is equally at home delivering fructose, petroleum products, petro-chemical, PEPJ compound, coatings, varnish, slurries, emulsions, inks, corn oil, plastics and a host of other products that cover the complete range of applications. Being that, by design, it does not "work" the pumpage but handles it in individual captive "Slugs" its advantages with difficult liquids are legendary. List / Compare | Quick Quote

Mounted Unit Drawings
Series 100 / Belt Driven / Hazardous Locations (J6012)
Series 100 / Gear Motor / Direct Connect (J6097)
Model 100CV / Inline But Offset Helical Gear Reducer (J6028)
Model 100 CX / Inline But Offset Helical Gear Reducer (J6029)