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Rotary Piston Pump
Up to 120 GPM - Series 120

Rotary Piston Pumps Up to 120 GPM - Series 120

This top suction side discharge pump is designed for semi-solid and high viscosity applications and when equipped with in stock flow and/or pressure controls allows the operator to adjust the delivery of the pump from maximum down to zero without the need of changing pump shaft speed. In so doing the pump is capable of handling wide ranges in viscosity from grease, adhesives, oil additives, compounds, coatings and the like even down to near water thin liquids. List / Compare | Quick Quote

With its "Onboard" bypass relief valve designed to bypass the fully volume of viscous pumpages to provide temporary protection to the pump and discharge system, along with its full throated 4" top suction flanged port this pump is a natural for many of the most demanding applications where due to the viscosity a recirculating valve and the additional piping back to the supply tank are impractical and costly. For additional details see description under Model 20DX.
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If accuracy in delivery of a thick, even semi-solid, liquid is your challenge this fixed displacement pump is your ticket to success. It can even eliminate the need for a flow meter. When driven with a "VFD" can give you repeatable accuracy to within 1/10th of 1% through a properly designed piping system. And will even be able to pass inclusions/particles when equipped with a "Stroked" head.
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Mounted Unit Drawings
Series 120 / Gear Motor (J6037)
Model 120 AV / Inline But Offset Helical Gear Reducer (J6094)