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Rotary Piston Pump
Up to 30 GPM - Series 20

Rotary Piston Pumps Up to 30 GPM - Series 20

Where pump output may be restricted or blocked entirely, this exclusive TriRotor feature provides an automatic regulation of flow from maximum to zero, at minimum pressure, with a constant speed motor. The variable volume control changes the length of the stroke of the piston and shuttle to vary the volume of material displaced by the pump. With the Manual Flow Control (MFC) pump capacity can be changed from maximum to zero without altering the discharge pressure, without by-passing fluid, and without changing pump RPM. Applications include; fuel and fuel oils, coolants, feed products, paints, vegetable oils, solvents, inks, filter and filter presses. List / Compare | Quick Quote

Referred to as our "Bypass Head" pump. This specially constructed by-pass consists of a relief valve of the integral dash pot type which allow the discharge to be throttled from full flow to zero, without shock or chatter. This exclusive type of relief valve does not permit undue pressures that ordinarily cause internal wear. This is prevented because the flow of the liquid is not cramped during the by-pass process. The relief valve is so constructed that the relief passage is linked from the suction port of the pump to its discharge port, permitting a full flow of the liquid through a separate passage built into the pump from one chamber to the other and apart from the body cavity that contains the pumping members. List / Compare | Quick Quote

Our solid head pump for simple transfer applications. Its fixed pin design delivers a constant flow rate but requires external protection if not delivering to an open discharge. The location of the pin can be modified at time of order allowing the pump to handle higher viscosity liquids at full motor speed. List / Compare | Quick Quote

Mounted Unit Drawings
Series 20 / Belt Driven (J5953)
Series 20 / Direct Connect / Flexible Chain Coupling (J5954)
Series 20 / Dual Pumping Installation / Double Shafted Motor (J5950)
Series 20 - Model 80BV / Dual Proportioning / Double Shaft / Gear Reducer (J6084)
Series 20 / Spur Gear & Pinion Reduction (J4629)