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Rotary Piston Pump
Up to 200 GPM - Series 200

Rotary Piston Pumps Up to 200 GPM - Series 200

In order to meet specialized pumping problems, this variable volume pump requires less HP by maintaining a minimum pressure, adjusts its displacement to the discharge rate allowed and reduces the breakdown of materials being pumped in a recirculating system. In "Filling" applications, this pump is superior being that during "Deadheading" the pumping members go into neutral and idle delivering nothing but holding the operating pressure on the discharge line thus absorbing a fraction of the HP required during operation. The energy savings, depending on the operation can be significant. This device provides a means of meeting highly specialized pumping capabilities, including: proportioning of liquids in the process industries. Control of liquid flow to dehydrators, heaters, etc. Eliminating variable speed motors. For use in connection with automatic level controls and numerous other purposes. List / Compare | Quick Quote

When this pump is "Fitted" in all iron construction and equipped with high temperature spring the necessity for a costly and usually hard to find external relief valve to perform at elevated temperatures is negated. It is completely handled within the pump. The pump can be supplied with oversized "Jackets" at both ends to assure that the pumpage remains at temperature. Corn syrups, molasses, starches, soaps and greases do not do justice to the full spectrum of this pump's uses. For additional details see description under Model 20DX. List / Compare | Quick Quote

A distinguished record of service for transfer work and the general applications of industrial use have been enjoyed over the past 75 years. Its large bronze shaft bearings and oversized glands have aided in its success. The pump consists of a housing (Body), rotor, piston, shuttle block and cover (Solid Head). The rotor is concentric with the shaft, and is a liquid-tight fit in the housing. The rotor has a square slot across its face which forms a double-end square cylinder. A corresponding double-end square piston operating in this slot, and the piston, which is in the form of a channel, receives the shuttle block. The shuttle has a hole in the center forming a bearing operating on an offset pin, mounted in the cover. When its rotor revolves the offset relation of the pin to the rotor shaft imparts a reciprocating motion to both the piston and the shuttle block. This gives the pump a rotary piston displacement action. This sliding piston pumping motion results in a minimum wear condition in the handling of dry liquids, such as aviation gasoline, naphtha or solvents.
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Mounted Unit Drawings
Series 200 CCW / Belt Driven / Hazardous Locations (J6090)
Series 200 CW / Belt Driven / Hazardous Locations (J6217)
Series 200 / Gear Motor / Direct Connect (J6099)
Series 200AX / Inline But Offset Helical Gear Reducer (J5992)
Model 200AV / Inline But Offset Helical Gear Reducer (J6025)
Series 200 / Spur Gear & Pinion Reduction (J6096)