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Rotary Piston Pump
Up to 220 GPM - Series 220

Rotary Piston Pumps Up to 220 GPM - Series 220

The rotary piston, variable volume design, of this pump is unlike anything in the industry. The pump with a "Brain", like all TriRotor variable head (V-Head) pumps, immediately responds to changes in the discharge line to provide optimum deliver of a liquid that changes its viscosity for whatever the reason. With the suction port on the top it reduces resistance to flow and eliminates pipe fittings in critical suction applications. The fact that it protects itself without bypassing any liquid allows smaller drives and dramatic reductions in energy consumption. List/ Compare | Quick Quote

Bulk delivery of non heat sensitive liquids up to 240 GPM requiring INTERMITTENT protection of the pump and system while reducing the shear and degradation of the product are the trademarks of this model. For additional details see description under Model 20DX.
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This heavy duty transfer pump can handle a wide variety of pumpages. Caulk, glue, joint compound, shortening, and shear sensitive liquids, to mention only a few. Can be supplied with oversized "Jackets" to heat or cool increasing its usefulness.
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Mounted Unit Drawings
Model 220TV / Top Suction / Gear Motor / Direct Connect (J6216)