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Rotary Piston Pump
Up to 80 GPM - Series 80

Rotary Piston Pumps Up to 80 GPM - Series 80

This series is equipped with four 2 inch NPT ports. Two suction ports and two discharge ports located at right angles. Standard configuration is side suction with top discharge (side in top out). The four port design accommodates side in side out, top in side out or top in top out arrangements. It also allows two different suction lines and two separate discharge lines. Couple the port flexibility with the variable volume attributes of the "V-Head" design results in complete adaptability. If required one pump could actually deliver two compatible liquids of different viscosities to two different locations.
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Originally designed for the demanding "Truck" pump sector it has found countless applications in the industrial and commercial marketplaces, being that it will not chew, aerate or foam the material pumped as is the case with all TriRotor pumps. And with only three moving parts, within the pumping chamber, yields continuous discharge pressure and steady flow rate. For additional details see description under Model 20DX.
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The need for an open discharge pump for 88 GPM (40SSU/4CpS) down to 15 GPM (100,000 SSU/21,625 CpS) is brought to a whole new level with its "4" port design. Rotation is not a problem being that it is completely reversible in the field. For the purpose of stripping the lines the pump may be run backwards or if the ports are equipped with quick disconnects the piping can be easily changed eliminating the need to run the pump in reverse.
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Mounted Unit Drawings
Series 80 / Belt Driven (J6011)
Series 80 / Gear Motor / Direct Connect (J6093)
Model 80BX / Inline But Offset Helical Gear Reducer (J6026)
Model 80BV / Inline But Offset Helical Gear Reducer (J6027)